The Beats 1 radio station that forms part of Apple Music has put in its first appearance for iPhone and iPad users running the beta version of iOS 8.4 and iOS 9. Users are seeing the station logo and hearing pre-roll audio from Zane Lowe when it is clicked.

It’s just a demo at this stage, with pre-recorded audio, but is one step closer to the launch of the streaming music service which launches on June 30 via an all-new Music app … 


Beats 1 is a 24/7 streaming radio station hosted by three highly-respected DJs across three time-zones: Zane Lowe in Los Angeles, Ebro Darden in New York and Julie Adenuga in London.

Apple Music and Beats 1 radio will also be available on Mac and Windows, with Android support coming in the fall. Pricing is $9.99 individual and $14.99 family in the US, £9.99/£14.99 in the UK and €9.99/€14.99 in Eurozone countries.

Just to show there is something for everyone in the revamped radio mix, the BBC’s World Service is included.

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