Apple’s iTunes U service, a resource for teachers to create and manage educational content for students on iPad, is today receiving a big update that brings a long list of highly requested features. Starting today, teachers and students using the platform will get access to new additions including 1-to-1 discussions, homework hand-in & grade book features, PDF annotations, and more.

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One of the most notable features rolling out today is an improved way for teachers and students to communicate via new one-to-one discussion functionality. A new homework hand-in feature is also arriving today with PDF annotations, and an integrated grade book will notify teachers when an assignment is ready for grading or communication with the student.

Lastly, iTunes U will now allow teachers to import content from other apps including Apple’s own Keynote, Pages, and iMovie and a number of third-party apps including Book Creator, Stop Motion, Explain Everything, and others. That will allow both teachers and students to work on teaching materials or assignments in the other apps and easily upload to iTunes U for handing in assignments, distributing content to students, or further collaboration.

The new features should be available today for teachers and students using the iTunes U iPad app.

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