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Update: Apple has confirmed in a statement to Buzzfeed that Apple is working with Sonos to get Apple Music available on the connected speaker system by the end of the year. Original story below.

Apple Music senior director Ian Rogers — ex Beats Music CEO — has announced on Twitter that integration with Sonos for Apple Music is coming as soon as possible. Although Beats Music did have native support on the popular internet-connected speaker system, there have been no announcements about a partnership with Apple Music so far. In the tweet, Rogers confirms that there will be no Sonos integration at launch.

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This will be slightly disappointing for Beats Music users who rely on the feature, until the companies catch up ‘ASAP’. In early June, a Sonos representative said:

“Sonos will not have Apple Music on it at launch but we fully expect to support them when they’re ready to focus on the home listening experience. Right now they’re fully focused on mobile .”

For the time being, Apple Music users will have to use a workaround involving a connected Apple TV or Airport Express to get the audio streaming off their Mac, iPhone or iPad and into the Sonos experience. Naturally, Apple Music will also stream over normal Bluetooth protocols to wireless speakers. We’ll have more details on Sonos support as it becomes available.

Apple Music launches at 8 AM PT on June 30th as part of iOS 8.4 with Beats 1 starting radio programming an hour later.


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