Ever since Apple launched the single-port 12-inch MacBook, we’ve seen a flurry of companies offering to add the missing ports back in through various adapters, hubsdocks and more. Latest to the party is Branch, a Kickstarter project whose USP is its ‘form-fitted’ shape, which is naturally available in each of the three MacBook colors.

The emphasis here is on packing the essentials into an extremely portable unit, providing USB-C pass-through, two USB 3.0 ports and one Mini Display port capable of driving a 4K monitor. The company had originally pitched with HDMI (shown above), but said that it has switched to Mini DisplayPort following feedback from Kickstarter users … 


You also have the option of 64GB of embedded flash storage, to extend the storage capacity of your MacBook through a slightly longer model.

The company’s claim that the hub “looks like it belongs on your Macbook” is something of an exaggeration. It still looks to me like a kludge, and I do have to raise an eyebrow at the sense or otherwise of buying a single-port MacBook only to bolt onto it something like this, but I guess the argument is you’ll add it when you need it.


At the time of writing, there are still Early Bird Specials for $59, and the company will throw in a Mini Display to HDMI adapter. Once those are gone, it will be available for $69, still saving $79 on the planned retail price. The Branch 64 model, with 64GB of embedded storage, costs $119 on Kickstarter, saving $20 on the retail price.

Shipping is scheduled for July and August for the standard and extended storage models respectively. You can back the project here.

If you’re still wondering whether the 12-inch MacBook is for you, check out our review.

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