We told you earlier this year that Snapchat was considering changing a major part of how its app works, and today the social network has officially introduced that change: viewing Snaps and Stories now works with a single tap. Previously, part of Snapchat’s signature user experience included holding a finger over a Snap or Story to view it; lifting the finger meant going back to the contact list. Aside from the new Tap to View feature for Snaps and Stories, the update includes a few other changes as well…

For instance, adding friends to Snapchat is now an easier experience than before, especially among groups of Snapchat users together thanks to a new Add Nearby feature. This lets you quickly add friends around you when everyone opens the Add Nearby view.

Snapcodes, which let you add friends as well, have gained new features including the ability to attach a selfie for easier recognition and using Snapcode screenshots to add friends in Snapchat.

The new Tap to View feature should be a big deal for Snapchat users, especially with lengthier content through Stories gaining in popularity thanks to recent feature additions.

Snapchat version 9.11.0 is rolling out now on the App Store.

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