[Update 1:45 PM: Apple’s system status page now reports that the widespread outage has been resolved including an issue with iTunes Connect. Apple Music services may require relaunching iTunes or Music to resume playback.]

Last night Apple announced that its Beats 1 web radio station would be the exclusive outlet for MTV to announce the Video Music Award nominees this year. The reveal was scheduled for 7 AM Pacific time this morning, but many users are finding themselves unable to tune in.

Listeners took to Twitter to point out that Apple Music, the Beats 1 station, and several other iTunes-related services are failing to load.

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Also affected by the downtime: the iTunes Store, iTunes Connect, the Mac and iOS App Stores, and the iBookstore, and the Podcasts app. All related channels on the Apple TV are also unavailable.

Unlike Apple’s last big downtime, however, many key iCloud services are still functioning, so users shouldn’t see an interruption in data syncing.

Apple has acknowledged the downtime on its system status page, noting that “some users are affected,” but not mentioning how many.

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