According to recent data released by Parks Associates, Apple TV currently is the fourth most popular streaming media device based on 2014 sales, down from third place in 2013. Roku, according to the data, is the most popular streaming media device manufacturer with 34 percent of the market, while Google’s Chromecast accounted for 23 percent of sales.

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Parks-Associates--2014-US-Streaming-Media-Device-Sales-by-Brand-V2Apple TV’s fall from third to fourth in 2014 is largely due to the introduction of Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, which now hold the third place spot. Although, rumors of a refreshed Apple TV likely dampened sales somewhat too. Overall, Amazon, Apple, Roku, and Google together accounted for 86 percent of all streaming media device sales. In terms of usage, however, 20 percent of U.S. households are said to own and regularly use a streaming media device.

Roku’s offerings, of course, are the most used with 37 percent of households regularly using a Roku box. Google’s Chromecast is used regularly by 19 percent of households, while 17 percent consistently use an Apple TV. Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are used by 14 percent of households.

Apple is expected introduce a new Apple TV during an event on September 9th. The refreshed device is expected to feature redesigned hardware and software, a new remote, support for an App Store, Siri integration, and more. The launch of a new Apple TV will likely help push the device back towards the top of the streaming device market, even though it still won’t be as affordable as a Chromecast or lower-end Roku models.


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