Tapbots is out with Tweetbot 4.1 for iOS, bringing Tweetbot to the Apple Watch for the first time. The update follows the massive Tweetbot 4.0 launch at the start of October which included a redesigned iPad version plus iOS 9-specific features and more.  The new Tweetbot 4.1’s Apple Watch app is made for watchOS 2 and lets users compose new tweets, view recent activity, respond to mentions, and view profiles. Tweetbot for Apple Watch also enhances the way notifications look with a richer, custom appearance.

Tweetbot for Apple Watch works more like Twitterrific and less like Twitter’s own Apple Watch app. There’s no timeline for viewing recent tweets from people you follow and you can’t yet view direct messages after their alerts are dismissed.

What the app does offer is very similar to the new activity view added in Tweetbot 4.0. Launch Tweetbot for Apple Watch and you’ll see a scrolling view of Twitter mentions, your tweets as they’re favorited, new follows, and the like. Tap one of these alerts and you jump to a more detailed view where you can reply, favorite, retweet, follow back, and more based on the alert.

Tapping an avatar from the detailed view takes you to that user’s profile where you can see their profile picture, a peak at their cover photo, read their bio, and see their location. From here you’re also given the option to reply, direct message, or follow/unfollow.

Force Touching, or firmly pressing the display, from the main activity view lets you tweet from the app using dictation. After you compose a tweet, you’re able to confirm the tweet, edit and start over using either dictation or emoji, or cancel altogether.

And that’s about it for now. Tweetbot for Apple Watch doesn’t yet offer a watch face complication or include a glance, but what’s there does make following up with alerts easier for Apple Watch users. The recently added Stats page might make for a useful glance in a future version, but most people tend to agree that viewing recent tweets from your timeline is better done on the iPhone (although I do enjoy peeking at the official Twitter app for seeing what’s happening in the moment). The app also includes a neat set of sounds like Tweetbot on other devices if your Apple Watch is unmuted that I enjoy.

Tweetbot 4.1 for iOS, now with Apple Watch support, is available for $4.99 (reg. $9.99) on the App Store.

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