During Microsoft’s Connect 2015 event today live from New York, the company announced it is open-sourcing its Visual Studio Code program for developers and in the process bringing its Visual Studio Emulator for Android to Mac users.

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Microsoft first released the Visual Studio Emulator for Android for Windows users last year, but during its event today promised that Mac users will also soon gain access. The Visual Studio Emulator for Android is a tool within the full Visual Studio 2015 suite, which Microsoft brought to Mac users for the first time back in April. It offers Android devs an easy and free way to test and debug apps.

Microsoft has a sign-up form on its website that will notify Mac users when more info on the upcoming release becomes available. You can tune into Microsoft’s Connect 2015 event live hereThe company is also announcing Visual Studio Dev Essentials, a program giving devs access to everything they need for building and delaying apps for free, and updates to Visual Studio cloud subscriptions. 

And the new open-source version of Visual Studio Code is on GitHub here.

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