If you have a 12-inch MacBook and are looking for an external monitor for it, Lenovo and Acer have each announced the neatest solutions yet, with a choice of 24-, 25- and 27-inch USB-C monitors.

Lenovo’s ThinkVision X24 Pro is the most basic, with a 1920×1080 resolution starting at $399, with availability in May. Acer’s H7 series monitors offer 2560×1440 resolution in 25- and 27-inch variants, and you’ll be able to get your hands on one of those next month, starting at $499.99.

Finally, Lenovo’s ThinkVision X1 is a 27-inch model offering 3840×2160 resolution, again from May, priced at $799 …


While Thunderbolt is coming to USB-C, it wasn’t available in time for the MacBook, meaning you can’t use it with Apple’s own Thunderbolt displays. You’ve so far needed an USB-C to HDMI adapter to use HDMI monitors, but these new monitors connect directly and allow the display to simultaneously supply power to the laptop.

Lenovo’s monitors use DisplayPort via USB-C, and we’re guessing Acer’s do too.


Lenovo appears to have the edge with a near-borderless display, but if you have a gold MacBook, it looks like Acer will offer you a matching color option.


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