The battle between the FBI and Apple continues to be played out in the media. On the same day that Apple SVP Craig Federighi said that the FBI wanted to create a weakness that could be used by hackers and criminals, NYPD’s head of counter-terrorism weighed in during a radio interview. The Daily News quotes John Miller accusing Apple of providing aid to murderers, among other things.

I still don’t know what made [Apple] change their minds and decide to actually design a system that made them not able to aid the police. You are actually providing aid to the kidnappers, robbers and murderers.

He cited the same quote used by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance during the Congressional hearing to support this contention, that a criminal described iOS 8 as ‘a gift from God’ …


Law enforcement officials do, though, seem to have completely given up on the pretence that the San Bernardino case would ever be a one-off.

“Right now Cy Vance, the Manhattan district attorney, has 175 iPhones stacked up in his office that are subject to search warrants, issued by judges, involved in crimes,” Miller fumed.

With it looking increasingly likely that the issue will eventually be decided by Congress, those on both sides are well aware that it’s the court of public opinion which needs to be persuaded. So far, techies are on Apple’s side, but the wider public has so far come down on the FBI side.

Via Re/code. Photo ABC News.

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