Hot on the heels of Snapchat’s Chat 2.0 announcement, Instagram has officially announced support for sharing longer user created videos. Noting that viewership on Instagram videos has increased by more than 40 percent in the last six months, Instagram today will begin rolling out 60-second length videos to all.

Previously, all users were limited to only sharing 30-second clips with advertising partners having the choice for a full 60-seconds. Today’s new recording length for users follows Instagram’s recent change that shows a video’s views rather than its like count. While a video may have 50,000 views, selecting the view count shows the true number of engagement with that video.

Longer video on Instagram begins rolling out today, and should be available for everyone in the coming months. On iOS, Instagram is also bringing back the ability to make videos using multiple clips from the user’s camera roll. Instagram had also delivered support for multiple accounts back in February.

Make sure to grab Instagram’s latest update for free from the iOS App Store.

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