Yesterday Apple updated its 12-inch MacBook with some refreshed internal components and new a rose gold color. We already heard you loud and clear when we asked if Apple should bring new color options with the iPhone 7, but should it also give its other products and accessories the rose gold, gold, space gray treatment?

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As a Mac Pro user, I was a bit disappointed but understanding that Apple didn’t have a blacked out keyboard and mouse (something like on its MacBook Pros) to go along with the new design back in 2013. But now that it offers MacBook, a much more mainstream product, in gold, rose gold, and space gray color options, it’s starting to make a lot more sense for Apple to bring those colors to its accessories and perhaps other Macs as well. Space Gray iMac anyone?

The concept above from imagines some other Apple products in rose gold—iMac, MacBook Air, and Apple’s keyboard, trackpad, and mouse accessories. And at least one of those product lines, the MacBook Air, is due for an update if Apple doesn’t plan on replacing it entirely with the 12-inch MacBook and wherever it ends up taking the Pro line.

And that brings us to today’s poll question. What do you think of Apple’s other products in rose gold or other color options? Should Apple give its other products the rose gold/gold/space gray treatment?

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