Google’s web-based alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint is getting a big update today that adds the ability for members of the audience to easily ask questions during a presentation. Additionally, Google Slides is adding more presentation options on iOS and a cool laser pointer tool.

When enabled in the updated mobile apps or website, the Slides Q&A feature displays a short URL at the top of your presentation. At the site, users can publicly submit questions that other audience members will be able to thumbs up/down. Meanwhile, the presenter has a live feed of incoming questions ranked by popularity.

Google made the feature to encourage audiences to ask questions that they might otherwise be too nervous to do in person. Questions are limited to 300 characters and users have the ability to ask anonymously or with their Google account that features their name and profile image.

Slides on iOS is also getting updated with the ability to present through Hangouts, in addition to AirPlay and Chromecast. On the web, there is new laser pointer tool for presentations. In the toolbar, there is now an option to turn your cursor into a laser pointer that has cool effects.

Today’s Slides updates are rolling out now to Android, iOS, and web. To see the Q&A feature in action check out the Talks@Google video below.

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