TermHere is a new app available on the Mac App Store that serves as a Finder extension. Once enabled, right-clicking inside of the Finder will present a new shortcut to jump to a Terminal window pointed to the current working directory.

TermHere may feature a straightforward premise, but it’s very nice to have if you’re a developer or avid Terminal user. Watch our brief hands-on video inside to see it in action.

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After you install TermHere, you’ll need to open System Preferences → Extensions, and enable the TermHere Finder extension. Once you do, it’s simply a matter of right-clicking while inside of a Finder window to view the New Terminal Here shortcut.

Wherever you happen to be within Finder is where the Terminal window directory will point to once the Terminal opens. For example, if I right click and select New Terminal Here while within /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/, then my Terminal window will open to that same location.

TermHere supports the stock Terminal app, but you can assign it to interface with certain third-party apps, like iTerm2, via its preferences.

Video walkthrough

TermHere is available for free on the Mac App Store, but it does feature an in-app purchase donation option for those who wish to support the developer’s efforts. Speaking of the developers, TermHere was created by Hashbang Productions, a prominent jailbreak community development team that has published numerous tweaks on Cydia.

What are your thoughts on TermHere? Do you find such a shortcut useful?

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