StubHub is out with what it says is the “first ticketing app for Apple TV” on the tvOS App Store. StubHub for the fourth-gen Apple TV offers a visually rich experience with both categories and show times. Their goal is to help people go from browsing for entertainment in the living room to finding something to experience out in the world. There’s even a handy feature that shows you seat perspectives for available tickets on the big screen.

“We know that most people will be interacting with our app from their couch, as they’re looking for something to do, so we kept the StubHub app for Apple TV focused on browsability and discovery, to better motivate people to get up and get out,” said Marcus Shelksohn, director of mobile product. “The StubHub design team wanted to create a more custom interface to reflect the emotional nature of event discovery – and the result is an engaging look and feel that maximizes event imagery and seat maps, and is highly intuitive to navigate.”

While StubHub can help you find tickets for the big show using Apple TV, you’ll still need another device handy to complete your purchase. The process looks to be fairly smooth, however, using SMS to send your phone a checkout link that installs or opens the StubHub mobile app with the exact tickets you picked on Apple TV.

StubHub Apple TV

StubHub for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and now Apple TV is available for free on the App Store. The easiest way to find an Apple TV app is asking Siri with the Siri Remote.

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