If your old classic Mac finally died but you can’t quite bear to part with it, Parisian artist Christophe Guinet – aka Monsieur Plant – has just the project for you. As Engadget spotted, he’s converted a whole range of much-loved classic Mac models like the Classic, G3 and G5 into miniature indoor gardens.


The old Macintosh Classic, for instance, has a small bonsai tree sprouting out of the top. The soil and roots can be seen through the display — or rather, where it used to be — while an innocent sapling grows out of the mouse nearby. Some, such as the iMac G3, contain the foliage neatly within their original housing. Others, like the iMac G5 and PowerBook, have their new companions bursting out of the display in spectacular fashion.

Some of them work better than others, but it’s a cute idea to allow some classic designs to remain on display.

Tempted to give it a go? If so, share your plans and photos in the comments! In the meantime, check out the gallery below for inspiration and more on Guinet’s website.

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