Apple today has shared a new ad for the iPhone 7 Plus on its YouTube channel. The ad focuses on the device’s dual-camera design and the Portrait Mode feature that comes along with it..

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The ad starts with one person having their photo taken with Portrait Mode, causing a domino effect of everyone realizing how professional the image looks and asking for their own picture to be taken. The portraits are shown full-screen in the ad once they are taken, though it’s unclear if there was any post-processing done┬áto the images on Apple’s part.

Apple describes Portrait Mode in the video’s description:

Portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus helps you take great portraits by creating a depth-of-field effect that blurs backgrounds and brings faces into beautifully sharp focus. So now, taking a professional-looking portrait is as easy as snapping a photo.

Today’s new ad is called “iPhone 7 Plus – Take Mine” and comes in at 1 minute long. It ends with the tagline “practically magic,” which Apple has used in the past for iPhone 7 ads.

Last month, Apple shared an ad for the iPhone 7 Plus that focused on the device’s optical zoom support, so today’s video is a continuation of Apple’s focus on the iPhone 7 Plus camera.

View the new ad below and let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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