Last night, a report emerged claiming that Twitter was mulling the possibility of launching a subscription tier of its social network. The new service is said to be targeting professionals, including journalists and news organizations. Though, the feature is not yet believed to be in development, but rather Twitter is mulling the possibility of integrating such a service into Tweetdeck.

Would you pay a monthly price for advanced Twitter features?

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The subscription tier of Twitter is said to focus primarily on deeper analytics and advanced publishing tools, thus the focus on journalists and professionals. Nevertheless, some of the features, such as an ad-free experience, sound of interest to normal users as well.

Twitter is reportedly believed to be considering the possibility of charging $20 per month for the service, which is said to be accessible from mobile and desktop devices. Some of the features Twitter currently plans in this service include things like deeper analytical information, better support for multiple users, and better user demographic information.

Here is the full list of features Twitter is currently planning:

  • Exclusive news
  • Content management tools like bookmarks, to-do lists, and ‘save for later’
  • Cross posting to other social media platforms
  • Advanced custom trend analysis & alerting tools
  • Exclusive content on social media best practices and strategy
  • Enhanced tools for managing and creating custom audience lists
  • Exclusive priority customer support
  • An ad-free experience
  • Analysis tools
  • Mobile & desktop support
  • Ability to securely manage the account across multiple team members
  • Twitter customization such as color themes and layouts
  • Access to pre-populated lists of users and influencers by interest topic
  • Additional account activity details
  • Ability to import user lists from outside sources
  • Advanced analytics on my own content performance

One important thing to note is that Twitter has not yet actually started building its subscription service, meaning it may be somewhat far down the line in terms of a release. Instead, Twitter is gauging interest in such a service and will use the data it collects for actually building the service.

Personally, I can’t imagine paying more than $5 per month for a Twitter subscription service. Tweetdeck is already powerful enough for most of my needs, while Tweetbot satisfies my needs on mobile.

What do you think? Does a paid tier of Twitter sound like something you would go for? Let us know in the poll above and the comments below.

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