While numerous videos and images have offered a look at Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8, less is known about the supposed iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. A new video today from YouTuber Danny Winget offers a hands-on look at an alleged iPhone 7s Plus dummy unit and comparing it to a dummy iPhone 8…

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The video offers one of the best looks yet at the differences between Apple’s 2017 iPhone models. Both the iPhone 7s and iPhone 8 feature glass backs, which is believed to be so they can offer wireless charging support. KGI previously claimed that all models will offer glass backs and wireless charging.

The iPhone 7s Plus also offers the traditional horizontal camera layout, whereas the iPhone 8 is expected to feature a vertical layout for more advanced augmented reality features. Winget also shows the different color options for the 2017 iPhone models, which is said to be limited to three choices, including a new copper gold model.

The real differences between the models is with the front design. While the iPhone 7s Plus is largely the same as current iPhone models in terms of design, the iPhone 8 of course features minimal bezels and a new OLED display.

Winget’s video offers a good look at the size of the iPhone 7s Plus compared to the iPhone 8. While dimension information has been leaked in the past, the video definitely makes the differences more notable. Differences in size between the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7s Plus, however, are nonexistent.

What’s interesting is the glass back. Apple generally has kept design changes to a minimum between ‘s’ variants, but this year seemingly marks a shift in trends for the company. Because of this, some have expressed skepticism as to what sort of naming scheme Apple will go with this year.

Winget’s video is definitely worth a watch if you’re at all curious between the iPhone 7s and iPhone 8 differences. While we’re still a few weeks away from Apple’s official unveil of the devices, the video offers our best look yet at the 2017 iPhone lineup.

Which iPhone model are you leaning towards? The iPhone 7s or the iPhone 8?

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