Strava today has released a new version of its iPhone app with an all-new social media activity feed. The company says it has redesigned its activity feed and added a new posts functionality that allows users to share and discover tips and tricks, tell stories, and more.

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Posts on Strava can range from quick tips, such as how to avoid bailing on a run, to full stories, such as ones about that time you went for a run in Nepal. Posts can included photos, as well, to ensure a content-rich experience.

What makes posts on Strava different? You do. You’re an athlete, and all your friends on Strava are, too. So it’s like being at a party full of athletes, where there are no limits to the nerdiness of your gear-related conversations, and where everyone shares your passion and strange tan lines.

Posts on Strava are different because the sport content you love isn’t the exception, it’s the norm. (And just as important, the curation, drama and clickbait content on other social networks can stay on other social networks. Filters and negativity aren’t what being an athlete is about.)

Strava is available on the App Store and you can check out a quick video on the redesigned feed and new posts functionality right below. More information is available on Strava’s blog.

What’s New in Version 21.0.0

– Workouts improvements: we are once again showing splits on all runs and increasing information density. – Posts: we are launching non-activity posts, which enable athletes and clubs to post feed content. – New feed: new feed layout making it easier to post, discover, and connect.

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