The search engine DuckDuckGo has today revamped its iOS app to further protect your privacy online. The app is a mobile browser but also provides an extension that offers better tracker blocking, smarter encryption, and private search.

The revamped DuckDuckGo will also give you a privacy grade between A-F to see how privacy-centric the website you’re visiting is:

“Today’s announcement is an exciting new stage of that long-standing mission, and a big step towards simplifying online privacy as people all over the world are greeted with nearly daily reminders in the news and elsewhere that their personal information isn’t safe online.”

DuckDuckGo has been pioneering the privacy-focused search engine game since the beginning by offering a search engine without ads, trackers, or history tracking, unlike Google or Bing. Launching its revamped iOS app now allows you to bring this level of privacy to your iPhone or iPad. You can even lock the app with Touch ID or Face ID!

The application is a free download on the App Store.

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