Facebook will be rolling out a subscription tool soon that will allow publishers to put up paywalls for certain content on the social media platform.

Recode reports that Facebook has worked out a deal with Apple that will allow the company to put up a paywall on certain content. The feature is already available on Android, and will now be able to bring it to iOS, as well. “It’s resolved,” Facebook executive Campbell Brown told Recode.

Brown didn’t elaborate on how it resolved the issue with Apple, but it did say the feature will be rolling out starting March 1.

All publishers were asking for the paywall’s so-called meter — or the number of free articles that can be viewed before being sent to the actual publisher — to be lowered to five.

Apple currently enforces a 30 percent fee on subscriptions sold on iOS. Some companies simply hike the price up to compensate, while others flat out don’t offer a subscription through iOS.

Facebook currently does not take any money from subscriptions sold using its tool. When a user hits a paywall, it simply redirects to the publishers website to sign up for a subscription.

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