The brilliant minds at r/apple have uncovered a brilliant Easter egg hiding in plain sight in a recent iPhone X ad, and frankly I’m envious that I didn’t make this connection first.

We’ve heard numerous stories of distracted Apple employees accidentally walking into the glass panes of Apple Park — visually pleasing but practically risky — which has resulted in a few 911 emergency calls and safety stickers being deployed.

As Reddit points out, Apple’s original iPhone X marketing ad may have captured (predicted?) this occurrence perfectly back in September:


Under the description of “Apple marketing was really inspired after moving into the campus…”, I admittedly thought this was a cleverly produced mockup just poking fun at the Apple Park pains story. After triple checking the original ad, however, my mind is pretty blown:

Bravo, leo-g. Unlocking your office door with Face ID: not supported.

At any rate, the design/function issue sounds somewhat serious — at least according to the 911 call transcripts:

Dispatcher: …so tell me exactly what happened.

Caller: We had an individual who ran into a glass wall pane and they hit their head. They have a small cut on their head and they are bleeding, slightly disoriented. We have on site security with them right now.

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