humor Stories March 5, 2018

Humor: Redditor discovers original iPhone X ad predicted the Apple Park glass pane problem

The brilliant minds at r/apple have uncovered a brilliant Easter egg hiding in plain sight in a recent iPhone X ad, and frankly I’m envious that I didn’t make this connection first.

humor Stories October 29, 2015

Apple refuses to sell Adele’s new album as a physical CD in Apple retail stores

Adele has been turned down by Apple as the company is refusing to sell her new album in its stores. Whilst that may sound surprising, it turns out Apple actually declined from stocking physical CD album copies of her album in Apple retail stores as per Adele’s representative’s request (according to The Daily Mail). Apple declining to stock physical media … shocking right?

For the company that revolutionized digital music and released a streaming music service with much fanfare earlier in the year, it’s quite hilarious that a top artist’s team even tried such a request. You can, of course, get the debut single ‘Hello’ from Apple’s digital stores including Apple Music … but getting the Apple Store to sell physical media, especially when practically none of its products include optical disk drives, is a step too far in the past.

humor Stories March 10, 2015

Poking fun at the Apple Watch begins in 3 … 2 … 1


The Poke kicked things off with the above tweet, and Joy of Tech created a helpful flowchart for working out which Apple Watch is right for you.

Post in comments links to other fun tweets and pages you spot.

humor Stories September 26, 2014

Conan O’Brien joins in on the bent iPhone 6 ribbing (Video)

Apple’s new iPhones have sold quite well, but their launch hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing. From hardware issues to botched software, the Cupertino-based software giant has had a lot on its plate over the past few days and of course critics have been quite vocal about the company’s recent challenges. Recently, late night TV funny man Conan O’Brien joined in on the Apple ribbing by putting together a bogus Samsung ad that offers a solution to troubled iPhone owners.

humor Stories January 17, 2014

Video: Conan, Ice Cube, & Kevin Hart take a ride with the Lyft for iPhone app (Possibly NSFW)

If you’ve never been in a Lyft car, Conan has teamed up with rapper Ice Cube and comedian Kevin Hart to offer some insight on what the experience is like. Your move, Uber.

humor Stories December 6, 2013

Satirical ‘Steeri’ video humorously shows off Siri-powered driving


No matter how much you love Siri, we all know it’s just not as reliable as Apple’s polished videos would lead you to believe. Of course, it would be in poor choice for Apple to publish sloppy demos, right?

But what if Apple let Siri take over your driving experience too? The Smart Department’s satirical video probably isn’t too far from reality if that’s the premise.

Personally, I’ll just stick with Automatic and hope iOS in the Car isn’t as wonky as real life Siri.

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