iPhotography Stories July 24, 2015


As Apple’s Shot on iPhone ad campaign illustrates, the iPhone is a capable camera in the right hands. Many people find that it’s the only camera they ever need.

But if you’ve ever wished it could do just a little more without carrying around too much extra bulk, the Manfrotto KLYP+ kit may be worth a look. It’s an iPhone case (available for a range of models) that comes with two screw-on lenses and a combination light and tripod mount. The whole kit comes in at $125 …  expand full story

iPhotography Stories December 18, 2013

Camera+ 5 launches with iOS 7 redesign, wallpaper composer, more

Coincidentally with the debut of Photos+ (and no affiliation), popular photography app for iPhone Camera+ released a major overhaul of its app today bringing an all new design optimized for iOS 7 and a handful of new features.

Aside from the new flatter app icon and icons within the app, Camera+ now features what it calls The Lab, which is a suite of additional editing features including the ability to edit and crop images for an iOS 7-style wallpaper.

Camera+ 5 for iPhone is a free update to existing users and $1.99 on the App Store for new customers. Full release notes below:

iPhotography Stories October 23, 2013

(via oliverfluck.com)

(via <a href="http://www.oliverfluck.com/blog/" target="_blank">oliverfluck.com</a>)

It’s no secret that people love taking pictures with their iPad, but it has always been a somewhat out of the ordinary behavior publicly considering the sheer size of the tablet in general.

It’s also true that Apple has made great improvements to the camera system on the iPad, and its large, vibrant display makes for one heck of a view finder when capturing an image.

Based on anecdotal evidence, various scenes from Apple’s iPad event yesterday, and data collected by photos shared on Flickr, I think it’s finally time we accept iPad photography into our lives with open arms. Responsibly, of course.

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iPhotography Stories June 21, 2013

Nokia compares its marketshare with last guy left on Earth [Video]

Nokia includes a cameo of the iPhone 5 in its new theatrical and bizarre new ad highlighting its Lumia 925 with… zombies.

Flash photography tends to wash out faces in images so Nokia seems to think it can fix that problem, but the iPhone 5 already specializes in low-light photography, right?

I guess the clearer message here is Nokia’s marketshare has dwindled down to the last guy left on Earth.

iPhotography Stories April 23, 2013

The iPhone lockscreen hasn’t changed much in the past six versions of iOS, with the exception of the addition of a camera slider. Atom is a new jailbreak tweak that seeks to completely redesign the lockscreen and add new functionality, and it does not disappoint.

Keep reading to find out how Atom can make your lockscreen even more useful.

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