Google Maps often ties in with pop culture for special events or easter eggs, and apparently, there’s another one on the way.

This week on Twitter, Google started teasing a new event for Maps which clearly hinted at something related to Mario Kart, with the bananas from the game littering the streets of a Streetview.

That teaser doesn’t tell us a whole lot, but Android Police was able to get a little more information. A tipster happened to come across one of the classic question blocks in the Google Maps UI, which triggered the pop-up pictured below. As you can see, it talks about how you can navigate as Mario for March 10th.

Once enabled, for that day you’ll be able to swap out the standard car icon used to show your location during navigation for Mario’s go-kart from the game. The event starts on March 10th, “Mario Day” (Mar. 10th, Mar-10, get it?). Oh, and on top of that, Super Mario Run is 50% off this weekend for the event as well.

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