Apple has today shared refreshed assets for to help affiliates promote and share music, movies, and TV content that can be found on Apple Music and the iTunes Store.

Apple shared the news in an email sent to members of the affiliate program. The new assets feature a cleaner design in line with Apple’s recent MFi branding update that we discovered over the weekend.

Notably, the iTunes Store logo now features the star logo, like the iOS app, as opposed to the previous use of the Apple logo.

In addition to the new badge, there’s a new text lockup for greater versatility in your marketing efforts. Also, the iTunes star icon can be used on social media sites and in apps where the badge or text lock up does not fit, giving you more flexibility than before.

The email also reiterates that commissions for both iTunes and Apple Music will be changing soon.

As a reminder, iTunes Music commission rates will be lowered to 2.5% and Apple Music commission rates will increase effective April 5th, 2018. For Apple Music you will receive a one time 100% commission on the first paid month of a user’s subscription; this is twice the existing rate which pays 50%. So there’s never been a better time to promote Apple Music!

More details and support can be found on Apple’s Affiliate Resources page. Complete guidelines on using these official assets can be found here.

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