There are a few benefits to getting older. After T-Mobile last year launched a new unlimited plan for customers aged 55+, Sprint has now done the same …


You get unlimited talk, texts and data. Sprint says a single line costs $50/month, but you can add a second one for just $20, so $35 each for a couple.

55 or older? Celebrate the best time of your life with Sprint’s new Unlimited 55+ plan: $35 per month per line for two lines of unlimited data, talk and text for people who are 55 and up. You can consider that 55+ reasons to join Sprint (NYSE: S) and switch from your current carrier! Enjoy your age and benefit from it by signing up for this amazing plan from Sprint.

You also get free global roaming in 185 countries.

There are some catches. Tethering is limited to 3G speeds, so it would be a pretty painful way to use an iPad or Mac. And there are speed limits for media streaming too, though an extra $10/month per line gets you faster speeds.

You can stream videos in DVD quality with speeds up to 480p+ resolution, music at up to 500kbps, streaming cloud gaming at up to 2Mbps.

You can opt-in for a $10 per line per month upgrade and receive 10GB of mobile hotspot plus HD streaming with video streams at up to 1080p resolution, music at up to 1.5Mbps, and gaming at up to 8Mbps.

Forget tethering beyond 10GB, though – Sprint drops the speed to 2G – yes, two not three.

Seems 55 is the magic age at which you no longer spend your entire life on your phone.

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