Apple has just released the second developer betas of iOS 12, tvOS 12, macOS Mojave and watchOS 5. Looking into what’s new on iOS 12 beta 2, we’ve discovered new Apple Watch identifiers referenced in the system.

It’s not uncommon to find new Apple Watch models on iOS since the devices are still dependent on an iPhone, which has to know about the new models to communicate with them.

The new Apple Watch identifiers found are Watch4,1, Watch4,2, Watch4,3 and Watch4,4. Those numbers match the existing variants of the Apple Watch Series 3, which are Watch3,1 through 3,4. There are also references to the model numbers corresponding to the new devices, which include MTUD2, MTUK2, MTX92 and many others.

These new Apple Watch releases could come as soon as September, when Apple is expected to release new iPhones, including the rumored “Plus” version of the iPhone X and a cheaper model which uses an LCD screen. The new Apple Watch will probably be called Apple Watch Series 4 and is expected to have a 15% larger display that covers a bigger portion of the front of the device.

We couldn’t find other references to the new watches in the software and the references found don’t give us any hint about their characteristics, but we’ll keep this post updated if we find anything else about them.

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