The iPhone XR isn’t even out yet, but supply chain sources are claiming that Apple is ramping up manufacturing orders for the device in anticipation of higher sales than it initially forecast …


Digitimes says that shipments of the cheaper of the three new iPhone models is expected to ramp up to 20M units in October, and that Apple is adjusting its production mix into December.

The shipment momentum for the iPhone XR is expected to continue into early 2019 as the ratio of iPhone XR orders to Apple’s total orders of new iPhone devices for December has been revised upward to over 50% recently, said the sources from the Apple supply chain.

As the iPhone XR isn’t yet available for pre-order, Apple won’t have any model-specific data – but will know how iPhone XS and XS Max pre-orders are going, and will be able to extrapolate from that likely demand for the XR.

Apple will also be aware of the reviews, even if it quotes selectively from them: the majority advise owners of pre-X iPhones to wait for the launch of the iPhone XR rather than buy the iPhone XS now.

The dual-SIM capability of the XR is expected to help sales in China, where even the $749 price is higher than that of Android flagships from Chinese brands.

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