We learned earlier this month that Apple and Amazon struck a deal that will see iPhones and iPads officially sold on the online marketplace, and now the first listings for iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watches, and other Apple products are starting to go live. The move puts Apple products in front of more customers just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday when the most holiday shopping happens.

Prior to the move, Amazon.com was mostly limited to Apple TV and related accessories for shoppers looking for Apple products. Now customers can purchase iPhones including iPhone X from $899, the new colorful iPhone XR from $749, iPhone 6s from $199, and more — all with Amazon Prime.

In some cases, authorized resellers through Amazon are offering discounts on Apple products, although you can follow 9to5Toys for the absolute best deals on Apple products from a variety of sellers.

For customers, Amazon officially launching an Apple Authorized Reseller page opens up free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime, the ability to turn Amazon gift cards into Apple products, and potentially unlocking savings through competition with other retail channels.

Customers can also trust that Apple products sold on Amazon are reliable and trustworthy. Previously, resellers sold some Apple products with less scrutiny applied without the authorized reseller certification.

Some resellers are concerned that the deal between Apple and Amazon is killing a major marketplace that previously existed, however, but customers have little if any downside in the arrangement.

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