While Apple’s Home app is great for most users, there are certain functionalities that simply cannot be done via Apple’s first-party application. Today, a third-party HomeKit app, named Home (not to be confused with Apple’s app), is getting an update with a handful of new features.

The first major change in the latest release improves on HomeKit cameras and how you interact with them. The app had previously supported cameras, but now you’ll be able to glance at your cameras with a new camera widget.

The camera snapshots are automatically resized to fit the available space in the widget. No matter how many cameras you have, you can always keep an eye on all of them.

To view a live stream of a camera from the widget, simply tap and hold the viewfinder and it’ll automatically jump you into the app.

Home also improves on condition conjunctions, which are essentially automations. With this update, users will now be able to specify if only one condition is true or if all conditions are true.

Today’s Home update brings the app to version 3.3. It’s available on the App Store for $14.99.

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