It’s becoming increasingly more important that users use strong passwords on their online accounts. Using something like a password management app can help not only generate more secure passwords, but keep track of them. News from one developer today shares some data on how iOS 12 has boosted usage of its password manager.

A new report from LastPass shows that usage from the app has increased substantially since the release of iOS 12. Users are logging in to 50% more sites with LastPass per day, and active users are up 23% on mobile, as compared to iOS 11.

The company says that 94% of LastPass users are now running iOS 12.

With iOS 12, Apple released a system API to allow third-party password management apps the same benefits of the company’s own Safari Keychain. This means that you no longer have to jump out of your current app, open a password-management app, and copy/paste the details. It’s available right from the QuickType suggestion bar.

Are you using a password management app? If so, which one? Let us know in the comments below.

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