Apple Card is expanding its 3% Daily Cash offer again. Wallgreens today announced it is partnering with the Apple Card to offer 3% cashback on any Walgreens purchases, starting tomorrow.

You have to use Apple Pay, but the cashback applies to any purchases made at Walgreens retail stores, Walgreens website, or the Duane Read chain of pharmacies.

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Apple Card gives rewards in the form of Daily Cash, a simple cashback program that avoids the complexities of points schemes. Apple Card gives 1% back on purchases made with the titanium card, 2% back on all Apple Pay purchases, and 3% back on select purchases.

The 3% tier currently includes any transactions made with Apple, for hardware or services including transactions made on the App Store. For Apple transactions, it does not matter what form of payment you use.

Apple is slowly expanding the 3% Daily Cash tier to include additional partners. It started with Uber and Uber Eats last month and is now extending it to Walgreens as well. To qualify for 3% cashback with these companies, you must use Apple Pay as your payment method.

Apple reserves the right to change the merchant offers scheme at any time, so it’s not guaranteed that the 3% deal with Walgreens and Uber will last forever.

With two new 3% partners in two months, Apple is not shying away from making these deals.

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