January 16

The Unofficial Apple Archive, a website that gathers hundreds of videos and images from Apple campaigns since 1977, has launched, and we’ve made a roundup of the weird and wonderful standouts.

Created by Sam Henri Gold, the archive goes beyond what we already know about the company. It also revealed some campaigns that have not been previously seen, including unreleased advertisements and internal materials from the marketing team.

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January 9

As we approach the 10th anniversary of the iPad, and a decade of iPads in my life, I decided to write what is effectively a Diary piece covering an unusually long period!

Steve Jobs famously said that consumers don’t know what they want until you show it to them, and I recently noted that I’m a case in point where the iPad is concerned …

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January 7

Apple entered the 2010s just as the iPhone began to explode in popularity. The iPhone became the most successful consumer product, ever. Sales surged for another five years and still make up a majority of Apple’s revenues. However, we exit the decade with the iPhone making up a smaller portion of Apple’s business than ever before, as the company diversifies into strong lineups of wearables, tablets and services offerings.

But nothing is a simple straight line. Apple had to graduate through the passing of its founder, juggle relationships with an ever-expanding list of consumer and professional market segments, and adapt to the public attention and scrunity that only comes along as a consequence of being the biggest company in the world. This is a decade in Apple, on one page.

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January 5

In this week’s top stories: More 2020 iPad rumors, Apple wins Christmas, IKEA’s smart blinds add HomeKit support, Apple TV+ makes a notable hire, and more. Read on for all of this week’s biggest news. expand full story

Jimmy Grewal served as a Program Manager for Mac Internet Explorer at Microsoft, joining the company in 1999. His first project was working on the team developing Internet Explorer 5 for Mac –– which he describes as “the most important release of Internet Explorer for the Mac, and the last release.”

In a new blog post, Grewal offers some interesting tidbits on that development process, as today marks the twentieth anniversary of Internet Explorer 5 for Mac’s unveil.

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January 3

According to a new Securities and Exchange Commission filing, Apple CEO Tim Cook donated over 6,000 shares of AAPL to an undisclosed charity last week. Those shares, based on the closing price of Apple stock on that day, are valued at nearly $2 million.

Apple also shared its 2019 proxy filing with the SEC revealing executive compensation, spending on private air travel, security, Apple’s median salary, the 2020 shareholder meeting date, and more.

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