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November 13

Apple II lid signed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak to go up for auction this month

A rare lid of an Apple II Plus signed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak will go up for auction in two weeks at the Doyle. The signed lid is expected to fetch at least $20,000, the auction house predicts.

November 2

As Sean Connery passes, fake letter to Steve Jobs recirculates

A fake letter to Steve Jobs, supposedly sent by the late Sean Connery back in the 1990s, is recirculating after the sad passing of the actor over the weekend …

October 14

iPhone 12 Diary: Steve Jobs was right

Steve Jobs famously said people don’t know what they want until you show it to them, and he’s still being proven right. After repeatedly calling for a modern iPhone SE, Apple finally made one – but I’m not buying it. The rumor that I thought likely to change my mind was indeed correct: the iPhone […]

November 17

Apple executives talk Apple Silicon roadmap and more in new interview

As the first M1 Macs make their way to consumers, Apple executives Greg Joswiak, Johny Srouji, and Craig Federighi recently spoke with Om Malik to offer more details on Apple Silicon. The three Apple executives also detailed how Apple Silicon gives the company more control over the Mac’s roadmap.

October 25

Former Apple engineer details how the Apple TV Remote app inspired the Siri Remote, more

Earlier this week, Apple removed its Apple TV Remote app for the App Store now that the functionality is baked into Control Center on iPhone and iPad. Following the removal, a former Apple engineer has shared a few interesting tidbits about the development of the Apple TV Remote app for iPhone.

November 13

iPhone 12 Diary: First impressions of my first giant phone

I don’t want the headline to imply that I will buy future giant iPhones — the jury is very much out on whether I even keep this one — but it really does feel like I’m trying a whole new product category here. In the old Apple days, there were small screens, aka iPhones; medium […]

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