It has been over a year since Apple acquired Beats by Dre. But ever since, I have been wondering one thing. How is Apple going to use Beats Audio? Apple has already introduced Apple Music, which is mostly based on Beats Music. But Beats Audio is also a very profitable business. This is how I think Apple might use Beats Audio:

  1. Make Apple branded over the-ear headphones, reminiscent of the current Beats by Dre lineup
  2. Improve speaker quality on Apple’s own devices such as iPhones, iPads, And Macs

A rumored iPad Pro mockup

I think number two is the direction that Apple may turn to with Beats Audio. We have already heard rumors that Apple may implement stereo speakers into the rumored iPad Pro (render above). Adding “Beats Audio” branding to the device’s speakers could up sales for Apple as well. Now obviously, this is just an opinion but I would love to hear you guy’s thoughts as well!

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