Apparently some people just can’t wait until WWDC to get a look at iOS 8. For example, check out this Android lock screen theme that purports to look like the unreleased, unannounced operating system.

Just look at the metallic clock at the top of the screen. And on the icons at the bottom. Totally fits right in with iOS 7’s new direction. I bet Apple will go exactly that route.

Notice how well the iconography fits in with iOS 7’s thin, outlined glyphs. Examine the exquisite bold font used on the text.

And hey, it’s even got a spacey wallpaper. Yes, this is certainly what iOS 8 will look like. How could anyone doubt it? This is a clear representation of Jony Ive’s design goals as demonstrated in iOS 7. It in no way whatsoever goes back on anything that Apple has done in the past year.


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