Over time we accumulate thousands of messages for example, and this could amount for a significant amount of space – all the more that many have attachments such as pictures. This can account for a fairly big portion of that space used by “Other” stuff on the device as iTunes displays it.

DiskAid has alway been a champ at extracting those messages to any computer, but is has also recently added a very nifty feature that comes to the rescue: it can backup and restore data selectively. In other words, it can render the device without that bulk too. It’s the best of both worlds as the messages can be safely saved and archived on a computer and the device can start fresh without this toll. Think about your next upgrade, you won’t have to buy a bigger capacity iPhone!

First thing first: DiskAid is a free download and trial, so get it here.

1. Export Your Data

Practically, here’s how it works (for Messages for example) :

  1. Launch DiskAid and select the device you want to clean up
  2. Click on messages, and choose Export to PDF, Text and/or CSV for you favorite storage format
  3. Then export all attachments separately

2. Create A Backup

  1. Go back to DiskAid home screen
  2. Click on Backup, select the Backup and Archive to allow versioning, you’ll be able to easily retrieve an restore that particular snapshot of your iPhone in the future

3. Restore A Clean iPhone

  1. Return to DiskAid home screen
  2. Choose Restore and select the device you just made a backup of
  3. De-select Messages (and any other data series you deem unnecessary)
  4. Click Restore Backup

Enjoy Your iPhone Again – Less the Mess!


Once your iPhone will be restarted it will be just as it was minutes ago but without this heavy payload. All your messages are safely archived on your computer for roll back if necessary, all data is also readable on the computer, but you just reclaimed that storage space on the device!

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