fake Stories August 18, 2015

pink iPhone 6S

Another day, another series of iPhone rumors. Yesterday’s roundup included the latest information about a September 18th next-generation iPhone launch date, faked benchmarks, and new system-on-a-chip schematics, and today our roundup covers a likely fake rose gold iPhone 6S image, reservations for the new phone from carriers, and Germany, and a pair of claims out of China about future iPhone models. Let’s start with the rose gold image:

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fake Stories August 22, 2013

‘iPhone 5S’ box photos making the rounds are certainly fake (updated)

Update: The creator of these images has spoken out on Twitter, confirming that he made them in Adobe Illustrator:


Chinese site Tencent Digital [translated link] has posted photos of what they claim to be the iPhone 5S’s official packaging, as well as a shot of the device itself, revealing the much-rumored dual-LED flash. Also of notable interest in the photos is the “128GB” capacity marking on the alleged packaging, lining up with previous rumors…¬†According to our analysis, these photos (above) are absolutely fake. However, they have unfortunately begun making the rounds online.

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