Indie Stories July 3, 2013

We already knew critically acclaimed indie game Limbo would be arriving on iOS this week after an announcement from Danish developer Playdead late last month. Today the title has finally arrived in the App Store for all users and comes with a mere $4.99 price tag for one of the best reviewed indie console games in recent years.

Early reviews for the iOS port seem to be positive and, apart from some tweaked controls for the touchscreen, includes the entire game experience from the console versions.

Limbo ($4.99) for iPhone and iPad is available on the App Store now. expand full story

Indie Stories June 26, 2013

Award winning indie game ‘Limbo’ arrives on iOS July 3 for $4.99

The award winning indie game Limbo from independent Danish developer Playdead has made its way to just about every platform over the last few years since launching on Xbox Live in 2010 and eventually PS3, Windows, & Mac. Today, Playdead announced that it’s now created iOS ports of the game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that will be arriving in the App Store next week.

We have worked very hard to bring LIMBO to as many devices as possible; rethinking the controls and performing extensive optimizations to ensure an amazing touch-based experience across iPad 2 (and higher), iPad Mini, iPhone 4S (and higher) and the latest generation of iPod Touch.

The game, which has sold over 3 million copies since it launched, will be available on the App Store July 3rd for $4.99.

Indie Stories June 21, 2013

‘Serious’ Game developers getting tripped up by rules and regs of Apple’s App Store

We’ve already detailed iOS 7’s support for MFi hardware game controllers as well as enhancements to in-game leaderboards, new turn-based game modes, and even new security measures to curb cheating, but with all of these great new additions to the  platform we often wonder, ‘what really goes in to making a great iOS game?’ Moreover, while Apple’s App Store is designed to foster independent creativity and allow for any developer with a vision and talent to make it to the top of the charts, why is it that we often see the same old games flood the Top Paid and Top Free categories?

Polygon’s Tracey Lien asked the same question and gives us a handful of great insights into the world of iOS game development. It turns out that, with Apple’s strict App Store policies, making a game isn’t as easy as some might think. In her feature, Lien states that a number of ‘serious games’ have recently been rejected by Apple due to violating the App Store’s guidelines. This would appear to be business as usual as we’ve seen a plethora of apps — both games and otherwise — rejected from the App Store for violating the stringent guidelines, but Lien claims that many of the developers she spoke to have found the policies that they’ve been charged with violating often to be vague and/or completely subjective.

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