MacStadium Stories March 25, 2020

MacStadium, which provides Apple Mac infrastructure as a service, is seeing a spike in signups this week. MacStadium VP Brian Stucki tells 9to5Mac that the company has heard from developer classrooms and teachers, as well as many others, about the growing need for remote servers.

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MacStadium Stories June 18, 2013

via MacStadium

MacStadium announces plans for Mac Pro hosting and colocation

Less than a week since being teased at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, the Mac Pro is already finding its way into new and useful places. MacStadium, which currently utlizes the Mac mini for dedicated hosting and colocation, has announced plans to offer Mac Pro hosting later this year.

MacStadium has already developed custom racks for the new Mac Pro (via Macworld/TUAW), which features a brand-new design that is much smaller than the previous model, and can store 270 Mac Pros in each Mac Pro POD. That’s fifteen rows, nine columns, and two Mac Pros per slot. expand full story

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