Tizen Stories August 27, 2014

Just a few hours after yet another report emerged claiming that Apple would be taking the wraps off of its new wearable at an event next month, both LG and Samsung have announced new wearable devices tonight.

LG has officially unveiled the G Watch R this evening, which features a 1.3-inch Plastic OLED display that is a full 360 degrees, unlike the Moto 360, which has an area of dead space at the bottom of the display. Motorola claims that the reason for the dead space on its watch is for the ambient light sensor and other display drivers. It’s unclear how LG managed to avoid having a dead area with its circular watch.

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Tizen Stories February 22, 2014

As Apple continues development of iWatch, Samsung releases two new second-gen Gear smartwatches

Over the past year, many signs have emerged that Apple is working an iWatch centered around health and fitness features. The company has made a plethora of hires in the health field recently, and our sources have said that the device is already well into development. Samsung, on the other hand, albeit to incredibly poor reviews, released its Galaxy Gear smartwatch just five months ago. This evening, the Korean company has taken the wraps off of not one, but two new smartwatches: the Gear 2 and the Gear 2 Neo.  The difference between the two models is the lack of a camera on the Gear Neo. As rumored earlier this month, both of the models have ditched Android in favor of Samsung’s Tizen operating system.

According to Samsung, the switch to Tizen will offer many improvements to the end-user. First off, Tizen is much less power intensive, which means battery life has improved to 2-3 days, according to Samsung—much better than the one day life given by the original Gear. Tizen will also offer an “enriched application ecosystem” to the user.

Tizen Stories May 8, 2012

Samsung’s Tizen prototype has a familiar home button

Samsung just cannot shake the blatant copying—almost like it is part of its DNA. Its latest Tizen reference device, besides an OS that copies the look and feel of Android, has a circular home button right where Apple’s iPhone has one.

Samsung is being dragged through the courts the world over for copying the iPhone’s look and feel. That behavior does not seem to be abating any, and might even be increasing. Samsung is now the world’s largest handset and smartphone maker.

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