utility Stories July 15, 2015

Hulu for iPhone updated w/ Apple Watch remote app for controlling playback, Chromcasting, more

Hulu is out today with a neat update to its iPhone app that puts a remote for controlling playback and more right on your Apple Watch. Like most Apple Watch apps, the Hulu remote app is limited in what it can do on its own, but it becomes a handy utility once you start video playback on Hulu from your iPhone.

utility Stories November 6, 2014

Calcbot for Mac

Tapbots, most known for the popular Twitter client for Mac and iOS called Tweetbot, is out with a new Mac app that some of its followers may recognize from the iPhone and iPad: Calcbot for Mac. Calcbot is described as a simple and intelligent calculator with a “live-as-you-type expression view” for visualizing your calculation history on a scratch sheet-like tape window. Calcbot also packs in a robust unit conversion tool with a wide range of supported categories. Check below for a closer look at Calcbot for Mac and its Yosemite-ready design. expand full story

utility Stories May 22, 2013

Readdle’s Scanner Pro updated with live border detection during scans

Scanner Pro, which lets users scan documents, receipts, and more using their iPhone or iPad, recieved a big update to version 4.5 this week. The update enables live border detection, which allows the app to intelligently find the edges of whatever is being scanned while you photograph it.

In our testing, the border detection was very accurate, although it did have a bit of trouble when the paper and the background where different shades of the same color. The app does still allow you to manually edit the borders to fit the document perfectly, just in case there is a detection error, so any small problems are easy to correct.

The app itself is well-designed and features a solid storage solution for your documents. Multi-page scans are supported and you can save everything to a variety of cloud storage services, including iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more. You can even fax scanned items right from your iOS device.

Scanner Pro 4.5 is available now on the App Store. Existing users get the update for free, while new customers can get it for $6.99.

utility Stories March 19, 2012

Sparrow [iTunes $2.99] is proving to be a very popular email client for the iPhone save for one very important piece. Apple rescinded the app’s push notification ability before its public release, meaning it is effectively neutered for real time messaging. That is a bummer for the otherwise impressive mail client. Not all hope is lost, however.

If Sparrow lovers were looking for a reason to jailbreak, you now have one. IpuIpu has your Sparrow Push notifications here:

iPhone Jailbreak tweak for the popular iPhone app Sparrow, which enables eMail push notification when the app is in the background making Sparrow a real replacement for the stock Mail application.

It also makes an effort to not drain your battery:

Sparrow Push uses a very efficient implementation using the same APIs that VoIP apps like Skype use. Since there is an additional, permanent internet connection and Sparrow becomes active everytime there is activity in the email account, there will be a higher battery usage, but it should be comparable to what Apple Mail’s exchange push implementation is.

Update: The tweak’s developer noted in the comments that Sparrow Push is $3.99 actually free and will be live on the Cydia App Store soon.

Update 2: It is live on Big Boss!

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