Google just accidentally revealed unreleased updates to its Google Drive for iOS and Android apps.

As TechCrunch first noted, Google prematurely published this post on its blog to announce the upcoming versions, but it deleted the announcement shortly after. The new tweaks for the iPhone counterpart include in-app editing for documents, so users no longer have to access a web browser to edit a Docs file, and the ability to view Google presentations.

The Google Drive for Android app will also get a new interface for editing while mobile, with more options for creating and editing tables in documents. Moreover, the Android app will soon boast comments in documents, as well as the means to create folders, move documents and upload files. Additional Drive features to Google Presentations include viewing, presenting and commenting capabilities.

Both updates are still in process, as indicated by the post’s removal, but they should come down the pipeline soon.

A screenshot of the deleted Google Apps post is above, courtesy of TechCrunch.

This article is cross-posted on 9to5Google.

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