Apple’s next two iPhone models will be named iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, according to a report from Japan-based Macotakara. With repeated reports and rumors of the next-generation iPhone retaining the same design as the iPhone 5, the “iPhone 5S” name has long been claimed and regarded as the name of the new flagship iPhone. Apple’s iPhone 4S and iPhone 3GS retained the designs of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G, respectively.

However, because of Apple’s surprise naming scheme for the third-generation iPad (The new iPad), an outright claim of the name “iPhone 5S” may be important to some interested in the upcoming device.

As for the “iPhone 5C,” this name gained attention when purported packaging materials for the upcoming, lower-cost, plastic iPhone surfaced in photos online. It is unclear what the “C” in “5C” could stand for, but speculation and logic points to the “C” standing for “color.” Like recent iPod touch models, this plastic iPhone is rumored to come in a series of colors…

Following the purported packaging images, BusinessInsider was the first to claim that the plastic iPhone would be named “iPhone 5C.” Last year, Macotakara accurately pinpointed that the smaller iPad would be named “iPad mini,” but with Apple’s past naming schemes for the iPod mini and Mac mini, this was not surprising.

Besides retaining the same design as the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S will likely include a fingerprint scanner on the Home button for login authentication (perhaps made out of a sapphire crystal material).

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 11.24.51 AM

Macotakara, today, also claims that the iconic app-icon symbol on the Home button will be removed from the 5S. Perhaps this may avoid user-confusion as the home button will no longer be for controlling apps: it may be for fingerprint scanning as well. However, Apple has not demonstrated a tendency of removing iconic elements from the iPhone: the overall iPhone design has looked largely the same since its debut in 2007.

Besides a fingerprint scanner, it appears that the new iPhone could include improved voice and camera features. This would be inline with past “S” iPhone upgrades. Today’s report seems to corroborate previous claims of the new iPhone retaining an 8 megapixel sensor, but with improved quality:

Ming-Chi guessed several points, the resolution of iSight camera will be stayed on 8M pixels but F-stop will be brighter up to 2.0.

Interestingly, Macotakara (again) claims that the iPhone 5S will have a gold color option.

Based on Apple planning a plastic iPhone in a number of colors, and the company’s history of only selling black or white iPhone models, this does not make much sense. 

Regardless, it seems that we will know all on September 10th.

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13 Responses to “‘iPhone 5S’ (plus gold model), ‘iPhone 5C’ will actually be names of next iPhones?”

  1. nmpomes says:

    Maybe it’s been mentioned already, but I noticed that the rounded square on the Home button has the same radius as the new iOS 7 app icons. Just shows that Jony Ive has known what he wanted to do with iOS since the first iPhone. Before now, the icons weren’t quite as rounded as the Home button, although I had always thought they were the exact same.


  2. They lose credibility after claiming a gold iPhone. Not a chance.


  3. nolanhicks says:

    I predict:

    iPhone 5S: 12 MP camera with duel LED flash, Fingerprint scanner in home button (which otherwise remains unchanged), comes in only black and white, newer A-series processor, and iOS 7 of course.

    iPhone 5C: 8 MP camera with same flash as iPhone 5, no scanner, plastic back of course in various colors, same chips as iPhone 5, and costs around $349 Non-subsidized (I’d way rather see $299 but I can’t see that happening). I also think there’s a very slight chance this could replace the iPod Touch…maybe…

    Neither Phone comes with NFC

    I also have a feeling that there’s something none of know about yet…hoping so!


    • Which is a real shame because the only reason I see fingerprint scanner’s being a big deal is as a lock for NFC purchases to help it’s security as a payment type. I would much rather have NFC for AirDrop in iOS 7 then a fingerprint scanner. :(


  4. Wow, fingerprint scanning? I see soo much good and bad coming from that. Can anyone say “opportunity?”


  5. mvrcb says:

    iPhone 5color will hold all the 5 specs (KIDS TOY)
    iphone 5s (MENS TOY)


  6. Apple’s decision to drop the numbers from the iPad was a bad decision. Anyone who has tried to figure out if a Mac supports an OS upgrade knows how unApple-like it is. With designation numbers on the mobile products it is incredibly simple for all users to know what is and isn’t supported.

    @nolanhicks: I would absolutely love to see the iPhone 5c sell for $299, but I don’t give that any chance at all of happening. I don’t even see it selling for $349. I see it selling for $429 ($199 iPod Touch + $130 iPad cellular upcharge), and would be rather pleased if they could drop that to $399.


    • Apple’s decision to drop the numbers off the advertised name is an amazingly great decision. Apple’s decision to not label them in any tech spec sheet as a “Early 2012″ or “late 2012″ model was a bad decision. They should simply be an iPhone, iPod, and iPad with a year marker on the tech specs. Thats all.
      Also Your math is wrong. $199 iPod Touch with a $130 cellular upgrade is $329. That’s exactly what it should be priced. Any higher and it will flounder in EU and Asian markets just like the already high priced iPhones.


  7. Is the 5C for “Cheap”? And 5S for “Select” (few) because it’s going to be at least €799.00 for just a 16Go (Gigaoctet in French)….


  8. Cun Con says:

    What about Apple to drop $50 on each handset? iPhone 5s for $149, iPhone 5 for $49-$79 and iPhone 5c for free with contract or $599, $499 and $399 without. Now we’re talking. Let the price war begin and let Android devices follow.


  9. Chris Vary says:

    iPhone 5C will be iPhone 5 Cloud. No memory physically, all stored in the iCloud. My guess.


  10. considering the gold iPod mini back in 2005 wasn’t a big success, why would they ever bring back that color to their flagship mobile device..


  11. Didn’t the s in the 4s stand for Siri? Why would the intermediary version between 5 and 6 have the s nomenclature, it doesn’t make sense.