The makers of the CARROT to-do manager launched a new app this morning that is sure to haunt your dreams. CARROT Alarm is apparently the offspring of an alarm clock app and a sadistic AI reminiscent of Portal‘s GLaDOS, and boy does it want you to get out of bed…

CARROT Alarm uses a combination of threats, rewards, and mini-games to ensure that you actually get out of bed in the morning. Leave the app running face-down on your desk at night and prepare to be awakened by a selection CARROT’s favorite tunes and spoken messages. Snoozing your alarm or waiting too long to get out of bed will result in the app becoming angry, which leads to threats of kitten murder and a dose of horrible, horrible dubstep.

The app also uses a rewards system to encourage you to get up the first time your alarm goes off. Actually getting out of bed earns you points that unlock new features, such as recurring alarms, new music to wake up to, and a slightly increased grace period before the kitten-killing starts.

Of course, waking up is hard to do (that’s how that song goes, right?), so CARROT Alarm will simply refuse to turn off the music until you’ve completed a series of mini-games that require you to carry out a set of randomly-selected gestures. The longer you sleep in the more “chores” you’ll have to finish before the alarm turns off and the fewer points you’ll earn when you finally do get up.

Fans of the CARROT to-do app will love CARROT Alarm. Fans of sleeping in until noon probably won’t, and that’s exactly why you should give CARROT Alarm a try. You can get it right now on the App Store for $.99. Do it for the kittens.

*9to5Mac makes no guarantees that this app won’t actually try to kill you in your sleep, but we certainly hope it doesn’t.

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2 Responses to “CARROT Alarm is a sadistic new alarm clock app that probably won’t murder you in your sleep”

  1. So basically this is an iPhone smashing app?


  2. andefreels says:

    They forgot to add a dimming feature so don’t expect to use this as a nighttime clock if you use a charging stand like I do.