As the success stories keep piling up, so do the number of projects filling up crowdfunding websites with, among other things, neat hardware- and software-related products. Some projects, like Pebble, gain thousands of supporters as well as millions of dollars in funding (and end up at Best Buy’s retail stores). Other projects flop and don’t reach their necessary funding amount.

Rather than make you sift through all of these projects, we’re rounding up the best or most notable projects from around the web and delivering them to you in a simple roundup.

If there’s a project that you’ve backed – or even a project that you founded – be sure to leave a link below so it can be considered for the next roundup.

  • eleMount: Premium Car & Camera Mount for iPhone & iPad (Kickstarter project) – These aluminum mounts with polyurethane pads are sleek and versatile. The project exceeded its goal extremely quickly and expects to have these shipped out in December.
  • TILT Stealth: The Ultimate MacBook Pro Cooling Solution (Kickstarter project) – madMINDS, the company behind this project, already had a successful run with its TILT Kickstarter before. Now, the company is back with the TILT Stealth cooling station for 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pros (Retina versions not included). It connects to the bottom of the computer, so it doesn’t slide around or get disconnected at the slightest move.
  • Piper: Smart, elegant security and home automation (Indiegogo project) – While the Canary home security device raised over $1.7m (and you can still chip in to get your own for the next few of hours), the estimated delivery is set for May, 2014.  Piper, on the other hand, will be shipped out November of this year. With motion and sound detection, a built-in camera that can record video and the ability to connect to other sensors and home automation devices, this device could be a huge hit this holiday season.
  • Access IO for iMac (Kickstarter project) – The picture below says it all. Trying to plug in a simple USB drive or headphones into an iMac is frustrating – you have to flip around the device and hope you don’t pull out any other cords. With Snowmous’ Access IO, one USB port and the headphone jack are brought to the front of your 2012 iMac (the new, thin one). You can still grab one for just $15 that’ll be delivered in November.
  • OrbitFront social film and game discovery site (Indiegogo project) – Expected to have a companion iOS app soon, this service will “distribute and host independent movies and video games.”

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7 Responses to “Crowdfunding roundup: eleMount car & camera mount, TILT Stealth Cooling Station, Piper home automation, more”

  1. Backed the eleMount and Tilt.


  2. TiltStealth guys, why don’t you use a solution that simply replace the bottom panel on the MBP? It’s `0 screws the user needs to undo and redo. It’s not a big deal. Apple even provide instructions in the manual for removing the back panel. With this in mind, your product that just bulks up the MBP by clipping on is kinda silly and I wouldn’t back it. You can do better. Go do better.


  3. Piper looks better than Canary (which I backed). I’m definitely getting the Piper. Thanks for the info!


  4. MadMinds says:

    Chris Johnson,
    Thank you for supporting us and the TILT Stealth.

    Our TILT Stealth MacBook Pro cooler is 2 to 3 times thinner than existing laptop coolers. As MacBook enthusiasts ourselves, achieving a slim profile while providing convenient cooling were the primary objectives. Our beta testers are telling us we achieved it.

    Per your question, a bottom panel removal version was an integral part of the design process evolution. Great minds must think alike. We appreciate you words of encouragement.



  5. I’m backing Sound Band. I hope to use it while cycling so I can still hear the cars coming after me.

    Already past funding goal and funds Sept 13.


  6. bradkjohnson says:

    If anything the last one which was barely mentioned is the most interesting. All of the others are currently available products. Nothing new. Smartphone car mounts have been around since before the iPhone. Cooling pads are unnecessary. Orbitfront is at least something new, and I gotta give those two kids some props for trying.


  7. Omar Ʌvalos says:

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    check out the link, if you can’t donate help us out by sharing it!

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