The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is testing larger iPhone displays, ranging from 4.8 to 6 inches. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard reports of this, but it does give further credence to the rumors. While the next generation of iPhones, which will be announced on September 10th, will include two different designs, the screen sizes are expected to remain the same. A more diverse family of displays, however, could in the pipeline for future generations.

The WSJ report indicates that Apple could be considering an entire family of screen sizes for upcoming iPhone releases. When the iPhone 5 was released last year, Apple continued to offer older 3.5-inch iPhones, but did not update any of the internals. According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple could take a new approach to iPhone display sizes by offering new models of the device with a variety of screen size options.

This would match the approach they have taken with the iPad and iPod lineups, which consist of multiple products of varying sizes. In fact, the iPhone is currently the only Apple product family that does not offer a choice of screen sizes on the newest model.

Of course, Apple has considered many changes to the iPhone in the past, most of which have never come to fruition. A low-cost model of the device has been rumored for several years, but only now seems to be an actual possibility. Even larger models of the iPhone have been rumored—and almost certainly tested internally—in past years, so whether or not Apple will finally settle on this course is still to be seen.

While it won’t have a larger display, the next-generation iPhone will likely ship with a fingerprint sensor and faster A7 processor, as first reported by 9to5Mac.

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52 Responses to “WSJ: Apple testing larger iPhone screens, some up to six inches”

  1. OMG! The 6 in iPhone 6 means a 6″ screen! You heard it here first! Ok, not really. Seriously, hopefully we’ll get something in the 5″ range next year.

  2. Damn! Now watch next year Apple comes out with the larger phone and I will have a year left on my contract.

  3. This is interesting, because the only reason I’ve considered switching to android is because the devices have bigger screens. Since I’ll be in the market for a new phone next year, this is very welcome news.

  4. I really hope this doesn’t happen. Have you seen anyone make a call with a Note? May as well hold an iPad Mini to your head.

  5. John Barker says:

    4.3” would be ideal, IMO. And if it had the same body style as the iPad Mini (and presumably the next iPad), … please, Apple, take all my money!

  6. 6″? this sure has a resolution of 640×1848 :)

  7. Cory Stiff says:

    Long time Machead and Apple fan here…DID switch to the GS4 for the 5.5″ screen. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the screen, main reason I switched. Alas as I figured I am not the biggest fan of the Android OS so I’m planning to return as the Prodigal when the 5S is released and will get the 6 when its released. Take it from me, a 5+ screen will change your world, could only imagine a 6″, I’d be all over that in a heartbeat. C’mon Apple, make it happen.

    • Not sure if you’re paid by shamesung or not but its clear you know little about all you just said. First of all the iPhone 5S won’t have a 6″ screen, secondly the GS4 doesn’t have a 5.5″ screen – who told you that? Some guy at a samsung store?

      Written on a 27″ iMac, which I’m glad I don’t have to use with a thumb, but samsung will try to convince you anyway in 10 years when their budget phones will be this big.

      • Cory Stiff says:

        Dude I wasn’t implying the 5S would have a bigger screen, we all know the “S” versions reflect minor changes.

        I’m not paid by Samsung, I recently switched to try out the platform as well as see what the bigger screen was all about. You’re right, the GS4 only has a 5″ screen, typo on my part, the Note II/III has 5.5″, sorry for not being 100% accurate.

        Relax friend.

  8. Bob Black says:

    and it will only be $900 or more

  9. Larger screens would be nice for some. For some that need the screens for detailed Apps (like maintenance people that remote into maintenance and security systems for buildings for instance), but for others such as myself, the smaller screen is better. Fits in my pocket better, and allows me to dial single-handed. Larger screens are more difficult to do this with, and aren’t exactly friendly to those with carpal tunnel syndrome.

    • Cory Stiff says:

      I read somewhere that Apple was going to introduce multiple sizes in the “6”, ALL speculation but it sure would be nice to have an option. Maybe 4″, 5″ and 6″? That would be sweet but I can’t see Apple doing that, no way. Apple’s trend is to set the trend, granted their a bit late in the size game but it will be interesting to see what they do.

  10. That image is not running iOS7. So most likely older photo shop pics.

  11. Too little, too late. We’re switching to the Note 3. I hate to leave the best mobile OS behind but I’m sick and tired of not having a phablet for our business. We’ll make do with Android even though we know it won’t be as good.

  12. I jumped to android Sony Xperia z as i got sick of waiting for a larger iPhone screen despite owning every iPhone since the first. I much prefer iOS to Android after using my Xperia for 6 months Android is so buggy and laggy and just not up to snuff. I am waiting for the day that Apple do a 4.7 or 5 inch screen iPhone and then I will jump back but till then I refuse to go back to the itsy bitsy iPhone 5. It is a beautiful device but seriously needs a screen size bump. I am not saying only make a larger iPhone but at least give us 2 size options, one smaller and one larger screen just as they have done with the iPad and that didn’t turn out to be a disaster. Come on Apple…I am waiting for you to catch up

  13. My prediction:

    Apple has to release a new larger iphone by May, 2014.

    The mobile space is too competitive and they can’t afford to compete with iPhone 5s and 5c.

    U heard it here first.

  14. nullifiedone says:

    Wouldnt mind if they did, just as long as they continue to make a normal sized phone for those who dont want to walk around with an ipad mini in their pocket

  15. I would love a 4.7″ iPhone !

  16. I can say most of the users choose other brands of smartphones instead of Apple is because of its small screen size.. I bet the bigger screen size of iPhone will bring tornado to whole world again.. yea although it’s been available for few years already lol..

  17. Randolph Dew says:

    Look at the bottom of the picture: “Renders by Martin Hajek based on a concept by Steve Hammerstoffer for nowherelse.fr”

    This isn’t real people.

  18. mkimid says:

    WSJ is idiot, 6″ ?
    It is a good way for “One shot two kills (iphone and ipad mini)”

  19. I think it’s inevitable that Apple release a larger phone to meet that demand and I don’t mind that like some people. I just hope that they keep the 4 inch phone for those of us that don’t want a bigger screen.

  20. vim4u says:

    Bigger is not always better

  21. drtyrell969 says:

    Galaxy Note 3 Here I come!!!

  22. Though the best screen size is what is current… But if Screen size gets large, bezels should disappear, I believe the perfect size for bezel less iphone should be 4.8″ to be max and 4.3″ to be min.

  23. The only thing i like about Android phones isn’t OS, its the big screen and iPhone with big screen will be a killer and ill be the first in line.

  24. Jim Phong says:

    More Tim Cook nonsense to kill Apple.
    Tim Cook wants to destroy Apple.
    Apple releasing 6″ iPhone models like the atrocious Samsung and other Android manufacturers…
    ..the best way to ensure Apple goes bankrupt …

  25. Too little – too late. Apple needed a range of phone sizes LAST year – now everyone has them and Apple still just experiments ! Gosh, what slow progress.

    • drtyrell969 says:

      Your dead on correct. Apple has taken the design equivalent of the “moral high ground” in that their single for ideas was the ONLY right idea. The extended iPhone 5 should have been the key indicator of Apple’s new “post-Jobs” idea of innovation. Wow…it was an awesome ride. Now they want to push the NSA thumb phones and have introduced the most aggressive buy-back plan to ensure it gets started. I’m leaving to the Galaxy Note 3. I can pull the battery out of it. What a concept. “Can you hear me now?”

  26. Apparently, no one has been shocked by the fact that the phone is set in FRENCH with a FRENCH mobile network …
    Do you really think that Apple test their prototypes in France ??? Too far from China (manufacture) and U.S.A. (design).

  27. akufu says:

    It brings to mind this: http://akufu.com/iphone-6-bigger-screen/

    Make me chuckle. It’s just a massive game of oneupmanship but I think Apple knows better, and knows when to stop. I don’t want my iPhone any bigger.

  28. robbiebone says:

    If they don’t release a 4.8 inch next week I don’t understand how they can be taken seriously anymore. It’s really important they release one now because a 5 inch device is so much better for gaming I fear they will lose a lot of the gaming industry to android by next year. I’m still on iPhone now but waiting for a bigger phone makes me feel more and more stupid by the day.

  29. rettun1 says:

    I love the 4 inch screen on iPhone, but I think the max I would enjoy would be 4.5, or more comfortably 4.2/4.3

  30. Len Williams says:

    If true, I’d love to have a 4.8″ or 5″ iPhone screen, as long as it was engineered with Apple’s usual impeccable attention to detail and functionality. The main points of course need to be that the phone is still able to be held and operated with one hand, and fit easily in a regular pants pocket or purse. Anything larger and it becomes a tablet.

  31. romeosc says:

    I hope they just add a PHONE App. To IOS7

    Then the IPads would be phones. I already use Skype and Google Voice on my Mini!

  32. You mean apple is doing product research!?! No Way!?! … Let us know when you have: a photo, a prototype, or a release date.

  33. chakintosh says:

    Keep it compact Apple. No one needs a large screen in a Smartphone. And if they do, they can buy the iPad Mini. It’s a f**** phone, not a tablet.

    As a designer, if Apple adds one more size to the iPhone, the iOS environment will be just like Android, messed up with Segmentation. And designers will find a hard time adapting their Apps to each size.