A new report from Millenial Media, one of the world’s largest online ad networks, shows that Android boosted its share of mobile web usage to 51 percent this year, but that iOS usage is growing at a faster rate.

Android’s usage grew five points since Q2 last year, while iOS usage grew eight points to reach 42 percent. In tablets, the iPad held its lead, while the Android share was convincingly led by Samsung’s Galaxy Tab.


In the manufacturer league tables across all devices, Apple lead the way with 39 percent share with Samsung taking second place at 26 percent.

brandsVia Fortune

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3 Responses to “Android hits 51 percent of mobile web use, but iOS growing faster”

  1. explain share: device qty OR revenue?


  2. Scott Gruber says:

    These kind of stats are really bothersome because they don’t really tell the whole story. What is being compared is 1 single company (Apple) to all other companies combined. With that in mind I guess it shows Apples success as it probably has the highest web traffic across all other vendors. I would like to see a chart pitting Apple against each vendor. That would be more of an Apples to Apples comparison :)


  3. Scott Gruber says:

    Ahhh – I just read the rest of the article – please ignore my last post